Back in black (and white and in print in your local bookshop)

I’m back in print, like a forgotten author or a Threadless t-shirt with a particularly twee and lovely cartoon on it. It’s an article about the perils and pitfalls of being a 21st-century graduate, but hopefully isn’t too much of a depressive whinge. I’m selling it really well, aren’t I…

It’s the latest from my regular writing gig at ONE Magazine, which is a proper paper magazine like they had before Bebo and Tamagotchis and the White Power Ranger*. It’s free, and always full of interesting and stimulating stuff – poetry, short stories, and a lot of interesting people giving their perspectives and opinions on the world. Then me.

You can read it online but you’ll need to sign up to the website – best just get a physical copy, on real earth-world paper and everything. If you’re in Edinburgh, Waterstone’s at the East End of Princes St have them; London folk can get one at John Calder’s bookshop at The Cut. Other European locations revealed by request.

The rest of my articles for ONE are in the portfolio if you fancy a read. Go on, treat yo’self, you know you want to. Not wanting to means you REALLY want to**.

*I mean the Power Ranger who was green until the time of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Movie, when he became the White-with-gold trim Ranger, who morphed into a sabre-tooth tiger. Tommy, I think his name was. Long curly hair, like Al Yankovic. I am not in any way reminiscing over/pining for a return of some form of ‘White Power’ Rangers.

** This is not intended to sound in any way ‘rapey’. I realise clarifying this now merely makes it look worse. Oh dear.

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